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Priyanka’s track seventh in top 100 intertiol songs, albums

New Delhi, December 31: Actress–singer Priyanka Chopra’s track “I can’t make you love me” has bagged the seventh position in the top 100 intertiol songs and albums. The list released by, on–demand digital entertainment store–front, also features Oscar–winning composer A.R. Rahman’s tracks like “My mind is a stranger without you”, “The village of saint Antonin” and “New beginnings”, read a statement. The top spot has been occupied by Jessie J, Aria Grande and Nicki Mij’s “Bang bang”. Other songs that made it to the list include “Animals” by Maroon 5, Jennifer Lopez’s “First love” and “I’m a freak (Salim–Sulaiman remix)” by Enrique Iglesias and Indian composers Salim and Sulaiman Merchant.  (IANS)

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