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Assamese poet receives Excellence in World Poetry Award


DULIAJAN, January 1: United Spirit of Writers’ Academy, Aligarh conferred the prestigious ‘Excellence in World Poetry’ award to poet Tapan Baruah recently as recognition of his outstanding contribution to world poetry and for his pursuits in influencing mankind towards the path of world peace, global love and humanism through his poetry collections in Assamese.

These have been translated into English by eminent litterateur and critic Dr Anda Bormudoi and Hemchandra Dutta and published under the title Man anywhere is a Man.

This award confers a citation of highest honour to the eminent poets of Africa, Anglo America, Asia,Europe, Latin America and Oceania at different times. Baruah has written eight poetry books in Assamese.  His poems are regularly published in esteemed Assamese jourls, newspaper and English magazines.

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