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Bharatatyam meets tango and classical ballet

New Delhi, January 3: A dance performance will celebrate the universality of emotions where different dance forms such as Bharatatyam, the tango and classical ballet will meet to create dymic harmony and explore the world of universal energy.

The second edition of "Connections" is a collaborative venture between the French Embassy, Institut Fraais, and the ministry of culture. The three–day event, beginning on January 8, will take place at the Sri Ram Centre here. The brain child of Bharatatyam dancer and choreographer Rukmini Chatterjee, this event is a meeting and coming together of different cultures and art forms.

"I don’t think this is a fusion dance form, but meetings of different art forms where traditiol and contemporary dance forms meet and subtle transformation takes place, without changing the origil forms," Chatterjee told IANS.

"These performances will revolve around passion and desire and from profane to sacred," she added. During these performances, the Paris–based danseuse elaborated how different dance forms will explore the world of universal energy and add different nuances of their forms to rrate a story that is rich in passion and desire. (IANS)

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