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East Siang facing drought–like situation

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Itagar, January 3: Even thought the South–West monsoon was remaining active in the region till late September last year, parts of East Siang district including foothills and plains of Pasighat, Ruksin and Sille–Oyan circles are facing drought–like situation, reportedly.

Except few pockets of East Siang, larger portions of the district like Ledum, Bilat, Remi–Miglung, ri, Koyu, Seren, Ruksin, Sille–Oyan and Mebo circles are hit by drought–like situation, wherein vegetable and oil seed cultivation are affected. Many trees, grasses and bamboo grooves are seen drying in these sites.

Scanty moisture this winter has become a bane for the rural farmers, who are rearing domesticated cattle. The growth of the herbs in grass grazing lands is scarce and consequently the cattle are facing scarcity of grasses. Moreover, the rivers and hilly streams have dried up, and created drinking water problem for the animals.

The drought–like situation severely affects the rubber and tea cultivation in the area. Shortage of rainfall during last part of tapping season caused low production of rubber latex in Ruksin and ri and Seren areas, while growing of plants and sapling are hit–hard. In a similar manner, growth of tea leaves in the region is found idle due lack of rainwater in the region.

The situation earlier surfaced in the region in early part of 2009 and then last year, when more than 11,000 hectares cultivated land affected. The rain–fed irrigation channels leading to paddy cultivation sites were dried up due to insufficient rainfall. The Gagur lla at Niglok in Ruksin, the only source of tural irrigation for the farmers of Niglok and Ngorlung villages dried up earlier than ending of monsoon and affected on rice production. According to local farmers, they moved the district agriculture department for altertive water supply measure, but no action was initiated by the department.

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