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Minors rescued in Tamenglong


IMPHAL, January 3: A South Indian person identified as Ozish has been arrested and three minor children rescued in Tamenglong district yesterday.  It is alleged that the South Indian hailing from Maharastra was bringing two tribal boys and one girl – all below 7 years of age – from Tamenglong district towards Imphal.  His plan seems to take away the children later by bus and train. The personnel of 87 CRPF at Khabiron intercepted the suspicious car. On seeing the three tribal children and the South Indian, the personnel became suspicious.  During prelimiry interrogation, the South Indian could not give any satisfactory explation where he was taking the children and why.

They were being taken inside the camp for further interrogation. In the meantime, the villagers had rushed to the CRPF camp on hearing that three children had thus been rescued. They demanded immediate handing over the abductor and the children to them.  They also burned down the car of the South Indian. Later, top ranking police officers who rushed there handed over the children to their parents. They succeeded in controlling the tense situation by assuring the villagers that the culprit will face trial.

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