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KCS, Kurup bags award

GUWAHATI, January 4: The Prestigious Pravasi Kalashree Award 2014 of Kerala Sangeetha taka Akademy has been awarded to KCS,  Kurup programme coorditor of Greater Gauhati Kerala Samajam. The award was given for promoting inter–state cultural exchange programmes in order to give opportunities to different sections of the societies in the north–eastern states, particularly Assam, to know the culture of each other.  KCS, Kurup was instrumental in promoting various art forms of Assam, Kerala and other north–eastern states by sending troupe to Kerala and vice versa.  Because of his initiative Kerala Samajam could organize various programmes to felicitate the prominent cultural icons, government officials and ministers of the region as well as Kerala for seeking help and guidance to promote art and culture in the region, a press release said.  The award will be presented to him on March 27, 2015 at Tiruvathapuram by the Governor of Kerala.

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