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Speak up on religious conversions, Modi urged

New Delhi, January 4: The Jamaat–e–Islami Hind has urged Prime Minister rendra Modi to speak up on religious conversions, saying it was causing “an atmosphere of hatred”. “It is unfortute that an atmosphere of feared hatred is being created in the country and threats are being employed,” the Jamaat said in a statement. “(The) Jamaat demands that all such activities should be banned,” it said in reference to the religious conversions undertaken by rightwing Hindu groups. “It is a must that the prime minister should clarify his position on these activities.”

The Jamaat said the “Ghar Wapsi” (Homecoming) programme were a conspiracy to elimite the freedom of religion and belief, guaranteed by the constitution. “The Indian constitution grants full freedom of faith and religion. It also stipulates that every citizen has the right to preach and propagate the religion of his choice and persuade people to accept it. “The only condition is that coercion and fraud showed not be used. This is a basic human right which has been accepted by every religion and all civilized societies,” it said. (IANS)

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