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Faulty street lights add to the woes of citizens

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SILCHAR, January 5: The citizens of the town expressed their disappointment over the faulty and non–functioning of the sigl lights and street lights in the town due to lack of maintence.

Faulty of traffic sigls in several places on the main roads of the town confuse and pose risk to commuters, especially during the peak hours. The traffic personnel deployed in the streets face difficult rimes to mage the traffic. On the other hand, many street lights in different wards have been out of service for many days with no effort from the Silchar Municipal Board to make the lights functioning. The sources said that total numbers of street lights in the town are close to 10, 000, but after dusk many places come under darkness. Taking the advantage of darkness, the anti–social elements resort to various activities.

However, an official of Silchar Municipal Board said that the Board had been trying to light up the entire town. New defunct street lights are being replaced with new ones. He, however, held anti–social elements for the non–functioning of street lights in some places of the town. He added to say that the CC TV cameras will be installed soon in the town which will help the police to catch hold the anti–social elements.

He said that the Board has been running out adequate funds. He said that no fund for the installment of street lights has been released in the last two years. However, he added that prior to Durga Puja, the defunct lights were repaired.  200 new tunes and 200 bulbs were installed at that time. He claimed that a few individuals are deployed by the Board to look after these lights.

On the issue of traffic sigl lights, he pointed out that new traffic sigl lights were installed in July and August this year at Tarapur, India Club, Anpur Ghat, Itkhola Point, Rangirkhari, College Road, Lion Club, Jail Road, Shillong Patty and Kathal Point. He assured that they would soon repair the defunct sigl lights.

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