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NSCN (K) slams ACAUT for its taxation statement


IMPHAL, January 5: The tiol Socialist Council of galand (Khaplang) has come out with a hard hitting statement against the charges of the Against Corruption And Ubated Taxation (ACAUT) formed by the traders and businessmen at Dimapur in galand.

The statement issued by the NSCN/GPRN took a serious note of the unyielding stand of the ACAUT of describing the nomil taxation of the ga undergrounds for sustence of the struggle as illegitimate and ubated. This is a direct challenge to the political legitimacy and the identity of the ga as a whole. The agenda of the ACAUT is nothing novel and unexpected. It adds that the ACAUT is neither a security nor an investigating agency to establish or conclude any political violence as terror activity. The ACAUT had mocked the NSCN/GPRN on the need for sustence as hypocrisy and love for the Indian currencies.

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