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Tacho emphasizes on road safety measures


Itagar, January 5: Health and Family Welfare Minister Rajesh Tacho has urged the members of All Aruchal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) to enlighten the public and the beginners in particular regarding the safety measures of traffic and various other road safety precautions.

Releasing the official calendar of the Federation in his office yesterday in presence of the federation’s President Dobing Som, Secy General Talle Phassang, Secy Fince Karbia Tungi, Convenor Alim Keying and various other dignitaries, the minister also stressed on the discipline measures like proper parking, proper driving, following of certain traffic rules and regulations, a press release informed. He also asked various commercial vehicle owners and proprietors to get themselve registered under the federation as the AAPPTF is a kind of parental union for the existing commercial vehicles got registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926, in the state, in particular. Som also emphasized on the importance of road safety measures and pleaded the citizens and the commercial vehicle owners and drivers in particular to make ways especially during the arrival or passing of the VIP convoy, as the measure is of great importance and much talked about topic too, the release added.

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