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Mukul says NITI Aayog should not weaken federal structure

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Shillong, January 6: Chief Minister, Dr Mukul Sangma today said that establishing NITI Aayog (tiol Institution for Transforming India), replacing the 65–year Planning Commission may have ramifications in the Centre–state relationship. According to Dr Sangma even the Indian Constitution had mandated that the federal structure should not be weakened. “We have indicated that inclusive approach to development is the only way to strengthen the federal structure of the country,” the Chief Minister told reporters. Meanwhile, on replacing the Planning Commission by the NITI Aayog (tiol Institution for Transforming India), Dr Sangma said that the objective of the institution is important rather than its me. “What is there in changing its me? We waste lots of time in debating mes,” the Chief Minister said. He also said that most ministries have not been able to release funds in the absence of a Planning Commission like institution.

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