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Nepal’s constitution drafting body warns of crisis

Kathmandu, January 6: Nepal’s Constituent Assembly (CA) chairman Subash Chandra Nembang has warned that the country will plunge into a grave crisis if the political parties fail to resolve contentious issues concerning constitution–drafting within the next few days. Nembang, head of the constitution drafting body, made the remarks ahead of the looming Jan 22 deadline for promulgation of the constitution. Political parties have just two weeks to meet the deadline but there has not been any substantial progress on key issues of the new constitution, Nembang said. Speaking to jourlists, Nembang said there were still chances of the completion of the drafting by the deadline if the parties displayed seriousness. “But I see the country heading towards a crisis and the leaders should realise this fact,” Xinhua Tuesday quoted him as saying. Despite continuous dialogue among parties, there has not been any consensus so far. The contentious issues include federalism, the formation of the government, the judiciary and the electoral system. (IANS)

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