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vy says was in ’loop’ in suspect terror boat operation

 New Delhi, Jaury 6: The Indian vy on Tuesday said it was in the “loop” during the operation on the suspected terror boat which was burnt by its occupants following a chase Jan 1, and dismissed reports that it did not respond to intelligence provided by the NTRO. In a “clarification” issued Tuesday, the vy said all standard operating procedures were followed. “Indian vy denies reports in some sections of the media saying that it (vy) had not reacted to the intelligence provided by the NTRO. It is clarified that the Indian vy and the Indian Coast Guard have responded appropriately to the situation as per the standard operating procedures (SOPs),” the vy said in a statement.

“Indian vy as the nodal agency for the overall maritime security of the tion was kept in the information loop throughout,” it said. A suspected terror boat was intercepted by the Coast Guard off the Gujarat coast Dec 31 after the tiol Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) intercepted a conversation between the Pakistan maritime authority and the boat’s occupants. The boat was monitored, and it was found to be statiory for a long time. However, when a Coast Guard vessel approached it, the boat tried to escape.

Following a chase, according to the defence ministry, four occupants seen on the boat went to a compartment under the deck and set the boat on fire, resulting in an explosion. Questions are being raised in the media on the ture of the “illicit transaction” being carried out by the suspicious vessel in the Arabian Sea. The Congress has asked the BJP–led government to come clean on conflicting reports in the media. It said every citizen of the country has the right to question the government.Some reports said the Western val Command was not alerted about the intelligence report.  (IANS)

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