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’Terrorists planning attacks in India’

Sydney, January 7: The Australian government has warned that terrorists were planning attacks in India, and urged its citizens to “exercise a high degree of caution” while travelling through the country. “We continue to receive reports that terrorists are planning attacks in India and assess that attacks could occur anywhere at any time with little or no warning, including in locations frequented by Australians,” said a statement on the government’s Smart Traveller website. The advisory asked Australians to “exercise a high degree of caution” in India. Australia’s department of foreign affairs and trade said the warning applied to all parts of India.

It pointed out that in mid–December 2014 Indian authorities increased security at Metro stations and other public spaces in New Delhi. Australian women have been advised to take particular care in all parts of India and exercise caution even if they were travelling in a group. “There are several regions of India where we advise Australians to reconsider their need to travel, or avoid all travel,” said the statement. (IANS)

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