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Do–it–yourself tempting dips

New Delhi, January 8: Use dips in an innovative way to give a delicious twist to scks. resh Guglani, corporate chef, Del Monte Foods, reveals how to prepare lip–smacking dips:

* Cocktail dip: Blend half and half of mayonise and tomato ketchup, throw–in handful of chopped jalapenos or coarsely crushed chili to taste. Pair it with hot cutlets, fish fingers or potato wedges.

* Aioli dip: Add crushed garlic and chopped fresh parsley to mayonise to make this dip. Enjoy this dip with fries, wedges or garlic bread.

* Coriander–mint chutney dip: Blend in a cup of homemade coriander–mint chutney with two cups of mayonise. Use it with kebabs and tikkas or simply as a spread in sandwiches, wraps and rolls.

* Tartare dip: Mayonise works very well as a base for other dips like tartare. Just add chopped gherkins, parsley and dash of lemon juice and its zest for a delicious version of your own tartare dip. Pair it with onion rings, fish fingers, chips and fries or cheese poppers.  (IANS)

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