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Mamata asked to clarify Trimool leaders’ role in terror group funding

Kolkata, January 8: BJP leader Siddharth th Singh on Thursday asked West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to clarify the role of a Trimool Congress MP and other state politicians in alleged money exchanges linked to Bangladeshi terror groups, ahead of her visit to the country. “We want India to have good relations with Bangladesh and you want the same. We welcome that. Will you please explain if Pakistan shelters an Indian citizen who is involved in acts of terror.. will India have a good relation or hostile relation?” Singh told the media here.

Banerjee is scheduled to undertake a three–day visit to Dhaka from February 19 to 21 on an invitation by the Bangladesh government. Her visit comes at a time when speculations are rife that Saradha Group which went bust after the exposure of the chit fund scam, has funded Islamists in Bangladesh. The Bharatiya Jata Party tiol secretary asked Banerjee, also the Trimool supremo, to clarify her stance regarding the role of Bengal politicians in funding Bangladeshi terror outfits.

“You are going to Bangladesh. Will you be specific in replying this? Will you clarify this before you step into the soil of Bangladesh? What is the role of your TMC MP?

“What is the role of your Bengal politicians vis a vis money exchanging hands with the Bangladeshi terror groups? Will you explain, what is the relationship of your TMC MP with the Bangladesh terror groups?” said Singh who was referring to certain media reports. “It has been written in newspapers that the money transferred was used to promote terror activities in Bangladesh? Is this not going to be an embarrassment, for which the tiol government is already embarrassed,” he wondered. (IANS)

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