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Maternity ward of SMCH in bad shape, Youth Congress threatens to launch movement

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SILCHAR, January 8: The maternity department of Silchar Medical College is in terrible condition which sparked anger among the people and the members of the Youth Congress.

Silchar Youth Congress Vice President Ansar Hussain Barlaskar said that the condition of the maternity ward is in terrible condition and if the situation is improved soon, they would resort to mass movement. A group of Youth Congress members visited Silchar Medical College on Wednesday and met the patients and their attendants.

The attendants of the patients told their sufferings and anguish to the Youth Congress members. They also highlighted anomalies and irregularities in the College. The situation in the maternity ward is such that the patients are deprived of beds. The present infrastructure has failed to accommodate the patients and some are lying on the floor. The attendants said that they are having very difficult times as they have to spent chilly night outside the ward.

The attendants also highlighted unhygienic condition around the Medical College . They mainly laid stress on the unhygienic and unclean toilets which are the adobe of virus of different ailments.

The delegation of Silchar Youth Congress after taking stock of the present condition of Silchar Medical Condition expressed their disappointment and held the authorities of the SMCH responsible. The demanded improvement of the situation and urged the Principal of the College Shilpi Barman to take adequate steps. They warned the authorities that if the condition is not improved, they would launch mass movement which would paralyze the functioning the Medical College .

Ansar Hussain Barlaskar said that a group of unscrupulous elements are active in Silchar Medical College which is working for its vested interest. He said that though the government is releasing crores of funds for the improvement of the College, but no improvement has been done in the grounds. He asked where doe the money go? He said that the sufferings of patients and their attendants in Silchar Medical College are increasing with the passage of time.

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