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Nongstoin– Maweit Road still remains dilapidated


SHILLONG, January 8: Fifty years have passed, but the condition of the Nongstoin– Maweit Road in West Khasi Hills remains dilapidated.  The sign of growing frustration among the people on the issue was made at a public meeting held at Maweit, 130 kilometers from here.

According to the residents of the area, the road was first carved out in 1964 during the composite state of Assam and till date it remains what it was. Interestingly, this is the area which has been represented by a veteran leader who is still undefeated as the member of the legislative assembly.

Nothing definite is known on why no concrete steps have been taken to improve the dilapidated road that has caused misery to the area. Maweit and its surrounding area are also rich in coal and has been a source of revenue to the state for the past three decades.

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