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Reward to Paris killers: Complaint filed against BSP leader

Lucknow, January 8: A complaint has been filed against senior BSP leader Haji Yakoob Qureshi for reportedly announcing a Rs.51 crore reward for the two gunmen who killed 12 people in Paris on on Wednesday. The police complaint was filed with the office of the director general of police (DGP) through email by Shehzad Poowala, a lawyer. In his complaint, Poowala sought filing of an FIR against the former UP minister under various sections of Indian Pel Code and provisions of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act,1967 and tiol Security Act,1980. “I have gone through media reports quoting Qureshi in the most unfortute way and I expect the police to act against him,” Poowala told IANS.

Media has quoted Qureshi as saying that he was ready to pay the reward money of Rs.51 crores to the Paris attackers. “I am ready to pay the money if they come and demand the declared reward,” Qureshi reportedly said. A few years ago he announced a bounty of Rs.51 crore for people who would kill Danish cartoonists who had made fun of Islam and Prophet Mohammed. (IANS)

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