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ANSU decries pre–paid energy meters

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Itagar, January 9: The All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) has demand the state government particularly the power department to stop installation of pre paid energy meter system in the capital complex saying it would be a bane for the population as 80 per cent are below poverty line.  "Daily wage earners, labour classes, students’ community and poor people will be the most sufferers if this pre paid energy meter system will implement in Aruchal Pradesh," ANSU president Byabang Joram said in a statement here today. He appealed the public to oppose the ’anti–people’ scheme being implemented by the state government. Joram stated that Aruchal Pradesh being a backward state in comparison to others state of the country, it is not an appropriate time to implement such expensive scheme. Instead of such pre paid energy meter system, the government could ect strong law against those people who are irregular in payment of electricity bills. "ANSU will go to any extent against the authority to stop implementation of pre paid energy meters as most of the students are residing in rented house in state capital, they hardly afford to pay rent fees and how they will afford the pre paid system of power and more over there is a consumer protection act 1986 under which no one can impose anything against the will of the consumers," he cautioned. "If the state government implement the system forcefully against the will of consumers then government will be held responsible for law and order problem in state capital. If the government and power department not debar from installation of pre paid energy meter, ANSU will go to any extent against state government to protect the interest of the poor people," he added.

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