Lucifer's Star Tom Ellis 43rd Birthday: Know About the Actor and His Shows

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Welsh Actor Tom Ellis turned 43 on Wednesday 17 November 2021. Ellis is best known to people across the world for his role as Lucifer Morningstar in the Netflix popular series Lucifer which is an urban fantasy series.

The intense character Lucifer Morningstar is chosen as the perfect casting for the role that helped Ellis gain much recognition. The portrayal of the actor in the six seasons of the series as the King of Hell made the audience addicted to the show as the story revolves around the fallen angel Lucifer.

Tom Ellis with full name as Thomas John Ellis was born on 17 November in the year 1978 in Cardiff, Wales located in the United Kingdom. The birth time of the welsh actor Tom Ellis is 10:03 AM UT.

Apart from Lucifer, Ellis is also known for his excellent acting performance in other shows such as:

• Miranda- Miranda is a three-season British TV series in where Tom Ellis appears as a handsome chef named Gray Preston falls in love with a woman who is socially unfit. The woman faces awkward situations most of the time and people keep insulting her for her height and appearance. The chemistry between the two in the series seems like a fairy tale.

• Merlin- Merlin is a Netflix BBC Drama series with 5 Seasons casting Tom Ellis as a warrior in the series named King Cenred.

• Doctor Who: It is popular British television series in 2009 casting Tom Ellis as Thomas Milligan who was seen in the final episode of the 3rd season titled 'Last of the Time Lords.'

• East Enders: Tom Ellis was a part of this long-running BBC television show and was featured in the show as Oliver cousins in 2006.

Other notable shows of Tom Ellis includes Rush in 2014, The Fades in 2011, the Flash in 2014, the Talk since 2010 and many others.

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