Assam Government to provide 1 Tola gold to brides under the Arunadhati Scheme

Published On 2019-11-20 10:38 GMT   |   Update On 2021-03-25 10:09 GMT

The Assam Cabinet on Tuesday approved the Arundhati scheme to provide gold to brides. As per the scheme, the government has proposed to provide 1 tola of gold (10 grams) to the brides belonging to economically weaker sections of the society. The scheme can be availed through formal registration of marriages under the Special Marriage (Assam) Rules, 1954 where the District Magistrate will authorise the marriages. The scheme is applicable to all individuals irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The benefits of this Assam Government scheme will reach the beneficiaries at the time of marriage. The gold will be provided directly at the time frame fixed by the government. The scheme is applicable to only economically weaker sections of the society whose annual income is less then Rs 5 lakh.

One of the main aims of the Arundhati scheme is the reduction of child marriage. The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act states that a girl in India cannot get married before the age of 18 and a boy cannot get married before the age of 21. The formal registration of marriage under this scheme ensures detection and prohibition of any child marriage across the state. The Government also aims at reducing dowry system and proposes to fight against gender inequality and justice through the Arundhati scheme.

About Arundhati scheme:

Under the Arundhati scheme, the Assam Government aims to provide1 tola gold to brides where it is customary to provide gold at the time of wedding. The government has set aside Rs 300 crores for the successful implementation of Arundhati scheme. As gold is an important element of Indian weddings, the Assam Government through the Arundhati scheme seeks to be a pillar of strength with those fathers who fail to afford gifts of gold for their daughters and who end up borrowing money and be in debt to buy gold. The scheme also aims to improve the economic empowerment of newly married couples and provide them with a better future.

The applicant of Arundhati scheme will have to apply one month before from the date of marriage. However, if the applicant applies post marriage, then the benefits can only be availed when he/she applies within one year from the date of their wedding. Any applicant applying past one year would not be granted benefits of the scheme.

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