Padmashree Sheela Barthakur: Voice of the voiceless

People are born and die. And gradually the memory fades away. But a few fortunate souls are there who can keep

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Update: 2020-07-02 02:56 GMT

People are born and die. And gradually the memory fades away. But a few fortunate souls are there who can keep their memory alive among hundreds and thousands of mind through their inspiring works — the works that can illuminate innumerable minds, uplift the society and do good for humanity. One such personality was Dr Sheela Barthakur who had given a plateform to the common women to express their views and feelings. The magnificent task she had accomplished was the formation of Sadou Asom Lekhika Samaroh Samity, which becomes the voice of the voiceless.

A multifaceted personality, educationist, literateur,and a social activist, Padmashree Dr. Sheela Barthakut was an illustrious woman who had occupied a prominent place in the heart of her admirer. Her contribution to the development of Assamese culture and literature and social life is immense for which she was awarded the Padmashree Award,the fourth highest civilian award given by the Government of India. Dr Sheela Barthakur was born in Jorhat at a time when education for woman was a far cry. Only a few conscious family used to educate their girl child. But born in a cultured family she was not deprived of education. Her father Nabin ch. Sharma did everything to educate her. Since her father at that time was in Dacca in terms of his service,she had her primary education there. But she had her high school education in Jorhat. She passed her matriculation examination from Jorhat Govt. Girls' High school. Then she was admitted to JB college and obtained her BA degree from that college. In 1955 she was married to Sadanan Barthakur of Haleswar Devaloi in Tezpur. Consequently, she was given the opportunity to join as a lecturer in the Darang College, Tezpur, in the department of Philosophy in the year 1967. She retired from her service, from the same college as the Head of the Department.

The Sadau Asom Lekhika Samaroh Samity sustains an incredible loss at the demise of this unique personality Padmashree Dr.Sheela Barthakur. Her physical death creates a vacuum in the minds of thousands of women for whom she was the torch bearer. She is the role model, an ideology for many. It is the spirit of her work that will make her brain -child full of vibrance. The spirit she left behind kindles the heart of many through eternity. Today in the auspicious day of her "adya sradha' we,the members of the samity pray to The Almighty with tearful eyes that she should be given a place under His lotus feet . May her blessings shower on this organization forever. We express and convey our deep reverence to the departed soul.

—Dr Junu Mahanta,


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