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Jorhat Constituency - Population, Polling Percentage, Facilities, Parties Manifesto, Last Election Results

Check Jorhat assembly constituency at a glance. No. of Household, Population, Winner/Runner-up in Last elections & Vote Percentage & more in Assam Assembly Elections

Jorhat Constituency - Population, Polling Percentage, Facilities, Parties Manifesto, Last Election Results

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Jorhat is an assembly constituency in Upper Assam which falls under Jorhat Lok Sabha Constituency. Jorhat encompasses a geographical area of about 9 square kilometres. It comprises 19 wards with a population of 1.53 lakhs. Jorhat is famous for its educational institutes and tea gardens.

Jorhat Assembly Constituency at a Glance: Name & Number

Jorhat Assembly Constituency is the 98th Assembly constituency. It falls under Jorhat Lok Sabha Constituency.


Jorhat Parliamentary Constituency:

Jorhat Lok Sabha Constituency is spread over the districts of Jorhat & Sivasagar districts of Assam. According to the 2011 census, it has a total population of 19,22,470, of which 84.08% is its rural population and 15.92% is its urban population. The current Member of Parliament representing Jorhat Lok Sabha Constituency is Topon Kumar Gogoi of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).



Jorhat is a district in Upper Assam with its headquarters located in Jorhat city. As per Census India 2011, the district covers a geographical area of 2851 square kilometers. Its population is 10,92,256 which includes 5,56,805 males and 5,35451 females.

Number of Towns in Jorhat:

Here are the list of towns under the Jorhat Assembly Constituency...

  • Jorhat (Municipal Board),
  • Kalamlabaria Census Town,
  • Chekonidhara Census Town, and
  • Kumar Kaibarta Town Census Town


Number of Inhabited Villages in Jorhat:

There are about 60 villages under Jorhat Assembly Constituency. Major villages under the constituency are Bharalowa Sonari, Kalakhowa Gaon and Bali Chapari Gaon.


Jorhat Assembly Status:

The current MLA of Jorhat Assembly is Hitendranath Goswami of Bharatiya Janata Party. He is also the Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly. There is no reservation for candidates belonging to minority groups. [Also Check - List of Polling Booths Under Jorhat Constituency]

Sitting MLA: Hitendranath Goswami (BJP)

Jorhat Total Population:

Jorhat assembly constituency has a population of 2,28,699, of which 35.13% is its rural population, and 64.87% is its urban population.


Facilities to Households in Jorhat:

Water Connection:

Jorhat Assembly Constituency has water facilities of Over Hand Tank (OHT) and tap water from a treated source. The residents of Jorhat also have facilities of tube well and borehole. There is availability of fire-fighting services in a few towns.

Street light:

There is domestic electrification at Jorhat Assembly Constituency. Street lights are available in certain areas.

Municipality Reach:

The basic civic infrastructure of Jorhat maintained by Jorhat Municipal Corporation.

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Religious Groups/ Demography:

Jorhat Assembly Constituency comprises religious groups such as Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. Hindus make up about 90% of the overall population.

Caste & Tribes:

In Jorhat Assembly Constituency the ratio of the Scheduled Caste is 8.04 and that of the Scheduled Tribe is 1.95.

Top Cities in Jorhat:

The only city in Jorhat Assembly Constituency in the city of Jorhat.


Male/Female Electoral Distribution in Jorhat:

The overall count of electorates of Jorhat Assembly Constituency is 154981, of which 77728 is the count of male electorates and 77253 is the count of female electorates.

Sex ratio in Jorhat:

Jorhat has a sex ratio of 934 females per thousand males.


Age Group Distribution:

In Jorhat, children younger than the age of six make up about 9% of the overall population.


Polling Percentage for Last Three Years:

In the 2019 Lok Sabha Election, Jorhat Assembly Constituency witnessed a polling percentage of 72.24%, while the polling percentage was 79.86% in the 2016 Assembly Elections.

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Result of Last Five Election:

Here is the result of last 5 Assam Assembly Election...

Election Year

Last Year's Winner


Won By (of Vote %)


Hitendranath Goswami


Hitendranath Goswami


Rana Goswami


49742 votes


Rana Goswami


Hitendranath Goswami



Political Parties Vote Percentage Share in Previous Election:

In the Assembly Elections of 2016, Hitendra Nath Goswami of Bharatiya Janata Party emerged as the winner with 52.91% of the overall votes. The runner up was Rana Goswami of the Indian National Congress who secured 42.48% of the total votes. Nirmal Chandra Gogoi of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) secured 1.18% of the overall votes, whereas Prodyut Kumar Bora of the Liberal Democratic Party secured 1.05% of the overall votes. Sanjeev Rajkhowa of All India United Democratic Front secured 0.64% of the total votes, and Independent candidates Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta and Jibon Chandra Sarmah secured 0.49% and 0.34% of the total votes, respectively. 0.91 votes had been given to "None of the above".

Current Member of Parliament (MP): Topon Kumar (BJP) || Last Runner-up: Rana Goswami (INC)


Candidates Participated in the Last Election & Result:

The candidates who contested in the Assembly Election of 2016 are

  • Hitendra Nath Goswami of Bharatiya Janata Party,
  • Rana Goswami of Indian National Congress,
  • Nirmal Chandra Gogoi of Communist Party of India (Marxist),
  • Prodyut Kumar Bora of Liberal Democratic Party,
  • Sanjeev Rajkhowa of All India United Democratic Front, and
  • Independent candidates Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta and
  • Independent Jibon Chandra Sarmah

At last, Hitendra Nath Goswami of Bharatiya Janata Party emerged as the winner by winning 52.91% of the total votes.

Work Done in Last Five Years:

The current MLA of Jorhat Assembly Constituency installed solar street lights at various points in his constituency. He also contributed to the construction and improvement of namghars across his constituency.


Election Manifestos Announced - Schemes/ Projects by Parties

In the forthcoming Assam Assembly election of 2021, different political parties participating in the election have laid out their manifestos to the public. The state Congress President of Assam, Ripun Bora, announced a waiver of farm debts in the similar fashion that the party's governments have been doing in the states of Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Punjab, and earlier in Madhya Pradesh. The manifesto also mentioned the waiver of all types of micro-finance loans for women to ease the problems of women of villages who take loans from micro-finance organisation. It also stated that a Bill has been unanimously passed in the just-concluded assembly session to protect economically vulnerable people, particularly women, from microfinance institutions and money lenders. It further announced the implementation of the minimum income guarantee scheme ''Nyuntam Aay Yojana'' (NYAY) which was a part of the party's manifesto in the last Lok Sabha polls. The party also promised free electricity up to 120 units for the economically vulnerable and middle class which will provide them relief from paying a large sum of electricity bill every month. Congress also ensured one job per family to curb unemployment and poverty by adopting the scheme of ''One Family, One Job''. Congress also aims to protect communal harmony of Assam. It believes that people should not be divided based on religion, caste, community or language.

The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has made the decision to involve the general public's opinion in drafting its manifestos. They declared that around a hundred vehicles with audio-visual presentations will tour Assam so that the citizens are capable of conveying what they want in the manifesto. The exercise of reaching out has a missed call facility whereby people will be capable to stating their opinions. They also claimed to have sealed the porous Indo Bangladesh border and stated that a technological solution is employed to make sure that there cannot be illegal infiltration. The BJP, who presently has provided almost 8000 old namghars with 2.5,00,00 rupees each, has promised to broaden the benefit to other namghars as well. They have also provided land pattas to indigenous landless people. The goal targeted by the BJP is to secure a hundred plus seats of the 126-member assembly.


The Asom Gana Parishad, led by Atul Bora, has allied with the BJP. It has promised to find a remedy to the issues of floods in Assam, and improve the well-being of women, children and economically weaker sections of the society.

After the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act, Lurinjyoti Gogoi, the general secretary of All Assam Student Union, declared the birth of a new political party called Assam Jatiya Prasad which aims to accomplish the aspirations of the dwellers of Assam.

Another political party that was recently formed is Akhil Gogoi-led Risor Dol which was formed with the coming together of 70 indigenous organisations of Assam. The party has promised to work for the Assamese indigenous people. It also promised to nullify the Citizenship Amendment Act.

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