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Haflong Polling Booths List, Election & Counting Date & Candidates Contesting from Haflong Constituency Seat

Find Polling Booths/Stations names, Date of Election & Candidates Participating in Haflong assembly constituency for Assam Assembly election 2021.

Haflong Polling Booths List, Election & Counting Date & Candidates Contesting from Haflong Constituency Seat

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List of Polling Booths in Haflong Vidhan Sabha, Assam:

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Haflong Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No. Polling Booth Name Total Electors Village/town
1 Noyapur L.P.School. N.A Noyapur
2 Digendu Parti M.E.School. N.A Digendu Parti
3 Manderdisai L.P.School. N.A Manderdisai
4 Railinghadi L.P.School N.A Railinghadi
5 Prapdisa L.P. School. N.A Prapdisa
6 Langrii L.P.School N.A Langrii
7 Diyungbra High School, Choto Washillingii N.A ChotoWashillingii
8 Rajbari L.P.School N.A Rajbari
9 Joymocharan Hagjer L.P.School, Boro Washaling N.A Joymocharan Hagjer
10 Hatikhali High School N.A Hatikhali
11 Hatikhali Garden L.P.School N.A Hatikhali Garden
12 Hatikhali Purana Bazar L.P.School N.A Hatikhali Purana Bazar
13 Choto Langpher L.P.School. N.A Choto Lan
14 Krungm.E.Nglangso L.P.School N.A Krung
15 Longku I L.P.School. N.A Longku
16 Borolambong L.P.School. N.A Borolambong
17 Jaramdisa L.P.School. N.A Jaramdisa
18 Palaipahadi L.P.School. N.A Palaipahadi
19 Nasingwari L.P.School. N.A Nasingwari
20 Nuthenglangso L.P.School N.A Nuthenglangso
21 Dikarbi L.P.School. N.A Dikarbi
22 Netaji L.P.School ( Umrangso) N.A Netaji
23 Garampani M.E.School. Umrangso N.A Garampani
24 Kamala Bagan L.P.School. N.A Kamala Bagan
25 Choto Lokhindong L.P.School. N.A Choto Lokhindong
26 Puralangso L.P.School N.A Puralangso
27 Sarpange L.P.School, (Garampani) N.A Sarpange
28 Garampani High School . Umrangso. N.A Umrangso
29 Gobinda Nagar L.P.School. N.A Gobinda Nagar
30 Langchurai L.P.School N.A Langchurai
31 Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, (Umrangso Town) N.A (Umrangso Town)
32 Umrangso Village L.P.School N.A Umrangso Village
33 J.B.Hagjer Memoriall.P.School, (Umrangso 14 K.M.) N.A
34 Choto Langlai L.P.School. N.A Choto Langlai
35 Sikilangso L.P.School. N.A Sikilangso
36 Dorbinship L.P.School, Dorbin N.A Dorbinship
37 Langlut Christian L.P.School. N.A Langlut Christian
38 Balishon Naiding L.P.School, (Amrudisa) N.A Balishon Naiding
39 Thaisiling Hawer L.P.School N.A Thaisiling Hawer
40 Dehangi M.E.School. N.A Dehangi
41 Dimadao Wapu L.P.School. N.A Dimadao Wapu
42 Langting M.E.School. N.A Langting
43 Langting Kalibari L.P.School N.A Langting Kalibari
44 D.B.Thaosen L.P.School(Langting) N.A D.B.Thaosen
45 Langting Hasin L.P.School N.A Langting Hasin
46 Langting High School. N.A Langting Hasin
47 Mailu L.P.School N.A Mailu
48 Sankardev English L.P.School (Khepre) N.A Sankardev
49 49 Khepre High School N.A Khepre
50 Prasadimdik L.P.School. N.A Prasadimdik
51 Dairangibra L.P.School. N.A Dairangibra
52 Nobdi Langting M.E.School N.A Nobdi Langting
53 Hojai Jalimbao L.P.School, (Nobdi Langting.) N.A Hojai Jalimbao
54 Boyandao Thaosen L.P. School,(Natun Boila) N.A Boyandao Thaosen
55 Mupa L.P.School. N.A Mupa
56 Hojai Doboling L.P.School. N.A Hojai Doboling
57 Thanalambra L.P.School. N.A Thanalambra
58 Dershi L.P.School N.A Dershi
59 Thingdol L.P.School N.A Thingdol
60 Thangkhovan Memoriall.P.School. (Sangbar ) N.A Thangkhovan
61 Chongsuka Memoriall.P.School. ( New Sangbar) N.A Chongsuka
62 Khobak L.P.School. N.A Khobak
63 Guliabra L.P.School N.A Guliabra
64 Dinamoni Kemprai L.P.School,(Gunjung.) N.A Dinamoni Kemprai
65 Kimkridisa L.P.School. N.A Kimkridisa
66 Kramthongdolia L.P.School N.A Kramthongdolia
67 Kalachand High School. N.A Kalachand
68 Kalachand L.P.School. N.A Kalachand
69 Didambra L.P.School. N.A Didambra
70 Nablaidisa M.E.School. N.A Nablaidisa
71 Hajadisa L.P.School N.A Hajadisa
72 Borodiger L.P.School. N.A Borodiger
73 Letkholal L.P.School, (Thingvom.) N.A Letkholal
74 Phaipah L.P.School N.A Phaipah
75 Mupa Nobdi L.P.School. N.A Mupa Nobdi
76 Damadi Hower L.P.School (Maibang) N.A Damadi Hower
77 Purana Maibang L.P.School N.A Purana Maibang
78 Gopesh Chandra Chakraborty Memoriall.P.School N.A
79 Maibang Kalibari L.P.School N.A Maibang Kalibari
80 Maibang Project Information Centre. N.A
81 Maibang H.S.School. N.A Maibang
82 Kirtipur Assamese L.P.School, (Maibang) N.A Kirtipur Assamese
83 Harishchandrapur Assem.E.Se L.P.School (Maibang) N.A Harishchandrapur
84 Maibang M.E.School. N.A Maibang
85 Natun Disao L.P.School. N.A Natun Disao
86 Borochenam L.P.School. N.A Borochenam
87 Buangkung L.P.School N.A Buangkung
88 Mualdam L.P.School N.A Mualdam
89 Jahai L.P.School N.A Jahai
90 Herakiloi L.P.School N.A Herakiloi
91 Indunglo L.P.School. N.A Indunglo
92 N. Kubing L.P.School, Kubing N.A N. Kubing
93 Michidui L.P.School. N.A Michidui
94 Samparidisa L.P.School. N.A Samparidisa
95 Wadrengdisa High School. N.A Wadrengdisa
96 Thappa L.P.School. N.A Thappa
97 Guilong (Hindu) L.P.School N.A Guilong
98 Semkhor L.P.School. N.A Semkhor
99 Kipeilo L.P.School N.A Kipeilo
100 Hajaichak L.P.School. N.A Hajaichak
101 Nianglo Pungo L.P.School N.A Nianglo Pungo
102 Hereilo L.P.School N.A Hereilo
103 Tungje L.P.School. N.A Tungje
104 Laisong L.P.School. N.A Laisong
105 Laisong M.E.School. N.A Laisong
106 Choto Laisong L.P.School N.A Choto Laisong
107 Upper Tuol.P.Ui L.P.School. N.A Upper Tuo
108 Dautuhaja L.P.School. N.A Dautuhaja
109 Dautuhaja M.E.School. N.A Dautuhaja
110 Chotoapu L.P.School. N.A Chotoapu
111 N.Wari L.P.School. N.A N.Wari
112 Hokai (Hindu) L.P.School N.A Hokai
113 C.H.T. Synod High School ( Haflong) N.A Haflong
114 J.C.Nampui Memoriall.P.School, (Fiangpui) N.A Fiangpui
115 Zion L.P.School N.A Zion
116 Lower Lodi L.P.School N.A Lower Lodi
117 Upper Bagetar L.P.School. N.A Upper Bagetar
118 Lodi M.E.School. N.A Lodi
119 Lower Muolhoi L.P.School N.A Lower Muolhoi
120 Muolhoi High School. N.A Muolhoi
121 Pms High School, (Muolhoi.) N.A Muolho
122 Muolhoi Upper L.P.School. N.A Muolhoi Upper
123 Astc Office (Haflong) N.A Haflong
124 Boildura L.P.School. N.A Boildura
125 N.K. Daolagupu L.P.School (Haflong) N.A N.K. Daolagupu
126 Haflong Cultural Institute Hall, N.A Haflong
127 G.N.Bordoloi L.P.School. ( Haflong) N.A G.N.Bordoloi
128 Natun Basti M.E.School. N.A Natun Basti
129 Haflong Govt. College N.A Haflong
130 Dibarai L.P.School N.A Dibarai
131 Digrik L.P.School N.A Digrik
132 Hagjer Nagar L.P.School N.A Hagjer Nagar
133 Haflong Autonomous Council L.P. School N.A Haflong Autonomous Council
134 Sainza Razi L.P.School N.A Sainza Razi
135 Ramnagar L.P.School. N.A Ramnagar
136 Mahadevtilla L.P.School. N.A Mahadevtilla
137 Bhunjung L.P.School N.A Bhunjung
138 Borohaflong L.P.School N.A Borohaflong
139 Ngullami L.P.School ( Songpijang) N.A Ngullami
140 Songjipang High School N.A Songjipang
141 Haflong Boy'S L.P.School N.A Haflong
142 Lower Haflong High School. N.A Lower Haflong
143 Lower Haflong L.P.School. N.A Lower Haflong
144 Sengya Sombudhan L.P.School, (Sarkari Bagan) N.A Sengya Sombudhan
145 Sarkari Bagan L.P.School. N.A Sarkari Bagan
146 145.Longmang High School. N.A Longmang
147 146. Jatinga Khasiaii L.P.School N.A Jatinga Khasiaii
148 147. Jatinga M.E.School. N.A Jatinga
149 148. N.Leikul M.E.School. N.A N.Leikul
150 Jatinga Raiay L.P.School, N.A Jatinga Raiay
151 Pojoga Naiding L.P. School, (Boro Wapu) N.A Pojoga Naiding
152 Choto Longmailai L.P.School N.A Choto Longmailai
153 Mahur Project Information Centre N.A Mahur Project Information Centre
154 Asel L.P.School, (Mahur Garden) N.A Asel
155 Motiriao L.P.School. N.A Motiriao
156 J.B. L.P. School, (Mahur) N.A J.B.
157 Longkhai (Ch) M.E.School N.A Longkhai (Ch)
158 Khothang L.P.School, (Pangmuol) N.A Khothang
159 Mahur H.S.School. N.A Mahur
160 Songbung L.P.School N.A Songbung
161 Saron L.P.School. N.A Saron
162 Asalu L.P.School. N.A Asalu
163 Khaichong L.P.School, (P. Leikul) N.A Khaichong
164 Boro Nianglo L.P.School. N.A Boro Nianglo
165 Hangrum L.P.School. N.A Hangrum
166 Boro Leikek L.P.School. N.A Boro Leikek
167 N.Songkai L.P.School, N.A N.Songkai
168 Leiri L.P.School. N.A Leiri
169 Baladhan L.P.School N.A Baladhan
170 Boro Arkap L.P.School. N.A Boro Arkap
171 Ramvom L.P.School. N.A Ramvom
172 Choto Arkap L.P.School N.A Choto Arkap
173 Khuongluong L.P.School. N.A Khuongluong
174 Lodi Kachari L.P.School. N.A Lodi Kachari
175 Paolet L.P.School, (Nomjang.) N.A Paolet
176 Changpijang L.P. School. N.A Changpijang
177 Retzol L.P. School. N.A Retzol
178 Mailongdisa Basti L.P.School N.A Mailongdisa Basti
179 Kapurcherra L.P. School. N.A Kapurcherra
180 Harangajao English L.P. School N.A Harangajao English
181 180. Harangajao Bazar L.P. School. N.A Harangajao Bazar
182 Harangajao English High School. N.A Harangajao
183 Harangajao English M.E. School. N.A Harangajao
184 Dolaichunga L.P. School N.A Dolaichunga
185 Boro Muolkoi M.E. School N.A Boro Muolkoi
186 Buolmuol Bagan L.P.School N.A Buolmuol Bagan
187 Dittokcherra High School N.A Dittokcherra
188 Dittokcherra M.E. School. N.A Dittokcherra
189 J.B. L.P.School, Dittokcherra N.A Dittokcherra
190 Purana Hnachangzol L.P. School N.A Purana Hnachangzol

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