The Insta worthy lifestyle

The Insta worthy lifestyle

Guwahati: Say cheese and picture perfect is a thing of the past. In today's digital age, we all talk about social media. We dream for an Instagram worthy lifestyle. At the heart of every Instagrammable life are the pictures. It's most likely a gorgeous feed with pretty, high-quality pictures which are beautiful, inspirational, and motivating.

Living an Instagram worthy lifestyle is our way of keeping up with the Joneses. But have we ever wondered what an Instagram worthy lifestyle is? Is it all about glitter and gold? These, glitter and gold are wonderful things, something that we need to celebrate.

But the thing is, Instagram worthy lifestyle is not always full of these. Instagram worthy lifestyle should be something that we are completely in love with. And each and every moment of this life is filled with happiness and goodness.

Sadly, we believe that we can only share good things on Instagram, not the sad part about our lives. And that is when we tell the world that we are happy and fine when, in fact, we are not. But life is all about the combination of the good and the bad, the lovely and the hard -- and that is what an Insta worthy life should be about, the life we live, not the one we dream about.

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