Trump's State of Union address: JFK kin to respond

Washington, Jan 30: Former US President John F Kennedy’s great nephew, Joe Kennedy III, will be the Democrat responding to Dold Trump’s first State of the Union address, media reports said. Despite his famous surme, Kennedy III has kept a relatively low profile during his five years in Congress. That, however, would end on Tuesday when the Massachusetts Congressman will respond to Trump. Delivering the opposition party’s response has always come with some notoriety. From Marco Rubio to Bobby Jindal, the awkwardly staged speeches have increasingly resulted in mockery. “I’m just hoping I can make it on and off the stage without tripping, dehydrating or ruining my career,” Kennedy told the Washington Post. Before he steps into the tiol spotlight, here are a few things to know about the young Kennedy.

The 37-year-old spent much of his young adulthood in public service just like his famous relatives, President Kennedy and his brother Setor Ted Kennedy.

After graduating from Stanford, Kennedy joined the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic helping local residents set up businesses, “an experience” he still says he draws on to this day.He has a law degree from Harvard. Before running for office in 2012 he worked as a lawyer.

In his first two years, Kennedy spent most of his time in Congress under the radar, shying away from prominent posts and instead focussing on issues and constituent services, said.  One niche issue that Kennedy has embraced is transgender rights. Kennedy made headlines when he dubbed the Republican healthcare bill an “act of malice”. He also used stories of his own family history as a rebuke to Trump’s immigration proposals. (IANS)

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