Meghalaya: Meghalaya NPP Chief Calls for Peaceful Polling Amid Pre-Poll Turmoil

This appeal comes in the wake of recent clashes between supporters of various political factions in Umsning and Jaiaw.
Meghalaya: Meghalaya NPP Chief Calls for Peaceful Polling Amid Pre-Poll Turmoil

MEGHALAYA: Meghalaya's National People’s Party (NPP) President Prestone Tynsong has called for calm and transparency in the election process in order to prevent the growing pre-poll violence. The call occured after recent clashes between supporters of different political parties in Umsning and Zaiao.

During a public meeting organized by the NPP, opposition VPP supporters reportedly disrupted the proceedings by making incessant slogans in support of their party Despite efforts to defuse the situation and requests for an end to their violence, VPP supporters continued until local authorities and police were forced to intervene

Expressing concern over this confrontation, Tynsong described the incident as unfortunate and stressed that such disturbing behavior should not be tolerated regardless of party affiliation

"I have contacted the Returning Officer and the election machinery to take proactive and drastic measures to stop these incidents. Similar incidents occurred in Mairang and Jayev. It should be noted that this violence is sectarian specific." somehow all the time," Tynsong hinted in a possible model actions from within the VPP.

Questioning the motives behind such frustration and violence, Tynsong stressed the need for all political parties to maintain national pride and conduct election campaigns in a manner consistent with democratic norms

Stressing the importance of respectful campaigning and electoral process, Tynsong urged, "Let us maintain peace and morality throughout the elections." In regard to the following of these events, Tynsong’s call for peaceful voting emphasizes the importance of maintaining order and civility in the electoral process. With elections looming, efforts to minimize tensions and ensure a fair and cohesive electoral environment are vital to Meghalaya’s democratic integrity.

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