Mizoram: Mizoram Government Announces Increase in Old-Age Pension to Rs 1,000

Mizoram State Assembly Informed of Enhanced Support for Elderly Beneficiaries
Mizoram: Mizoram Government Announces Increase in Old-Age Pension to Rs 1,000

MIZORAM: Government of Mizoram has revealed the plans to increase the monthly allowance of old age benefit recipients to a sum of Rs 1,000. Lalrinpuii, the State Social Welfare, Tribal Affairs, Women and Child Development Minister has made a recent announcement during the Assembly session. Lalrinpuii stated that the state government is committed to improving the quality of life of its senior citizens and necessary budgets would be allocated to facilitate this development. A staggering amount of Rs 30.25 crore has been proposed in the state budget to ensure the implementation of the enhanced pension scheme, which will benefit a large group of 25,213 beneficiaries.

Stating the details of the distribution scheme, the minister said that though the state share in the old age pension had been released till September in the previous year, matching amounts had been allocated from the Center has been received till June. The financial support aims to reduce the financial burden on older people and enhance their overall well-being.

The decision rightly underscores government’s unwavering and pro-active nature commitment to prioritize the state's social welfare programmes, especially those that cater to the needs of the weaker sections of the society. With the help of strengthening the old age pension scheme, Mizoram government seeks to promote an inclusive and a supportive environment for the senior citizens, ensuring dignity and security in the twilight years of life. The initiative received a widespread appreciation from different quarters in the state of Mizoram, with senior citizens advocates hailing the proactive stance of the government of Mizoram to cater to the needs of the population to maintain a good standard of living. As it moves forward in the pursuit of social equality and justice is an example to the commitment to creating a more compassionate and inclusive society for all human beings.

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