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Three veteran women technocrats launch Wequity for tech equity


Bengaluru: Three veteran women technocrats on Friday launched Wequity, a social impact company aimed at driving gender equity in the technology ecosystem.

“We take into consideration the different needs of technical women and technology organizations and provide tailored avenues for them to professionally grow,” said Geetha Kannan, Founder and Chief Executive of Wequity in a statement.

Kannan, teamed up with founding members Divya Ravindranath and Abhinaya S Rao, all former tech employees, in creating Wequity, which will function as a voice for the women in technology space.

Available in digital form, Wequity offers in-person services to serve the best of networks, knowledge and growth resources to all women aspiring to rise up in the technology space.

The startup also instituted awards such as role models and male sponsors to further the women’s technology cause.

Kannan said the two principles of equity and collaboration drive the organization.

“In everything we do, we operate in a collaborative model with the women in the tech community and their network supporters, which includes technology organizations and eventually academia, entrepreneurs and other ecosystem partners like ourselves,” she said. (IANS)

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