WorkKey Enabling Indian firms streamline workflows

WorkKey Enabling Indian firms streamline workflows

New Delhi: In the digital era, enterprises in India are looking to simplify workflows and improve team communications via Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled automation tools.

The idea, says Varun Bhutani who is Managing Director at WorkKey, is to bring productivity enhancements to legacy workflow management – handling heavy data tasks including communications such as email, data entry and regulatory compliance.

“WorkKey is helping firms grow by increasing visibility, ensuring accountability and enabling clear comminication within an organisation. The AI-enabled software does real-time analytics to ensure better engagement for office people with those who are working in the field,” Bhutani said on Monday.

WorkKey, a patent software brand under the technology software solutions provider Trihund Solutions Pvt Ltd, is fast being deployed at both large and small enterprises in the country.

“We are serving MetLife insurance company since October 2018. We started with a small account and now have six teams onboard. We are currently building up a particular functionality for 6,000 people in the company,” informed Bhutani who was in Hong Kong leading teams in nine countries before he launched WorkKey.

“Some deployments are currently going on at large enterprises in India, like a big insurance player and one of the globally-renowned consulting firms. We also have design firms, SMEs and a hotel group in our kitty. We are exploring to transform industries across the spectrum,” Bhutani noted.

The robotics process automation (RPA) software represents a huge leap in the computerization of workflow -- providing the capacity to organize voluminous data generated by complex business processes and the deployment of large teams.

These solutions can be implemented in any facet of enterprises where manual processes are in place, with the most common adaptability into sales, supply chain departments, finance and operations.

“Automation tools that are currently available in market are expensive. We are exploring to build cheaper systems to help both large and small enterprises automate their businesses efficiently,” informed Bhutani, adding the company would further provide cost-effective solutions to the businesses.

“We have discussion boards which are essentially like WhatsApp for Business. The challenge with WhatsApp is that information is not in control of the organisation. If there is a WhatsApp group and a leader sends the message, four messages get lost in the reply.

“What we are doing is that certain people can post updates and others can only comments. We have deployed a full fledged AI system to achieve this,” said Bhutani.

Currently a 26-member team, WorkKey is hiring quite aggressively. The cutting-edge software solutions as seen in WorkKey will be central to the next phase of digital transformation in which enterprises can offer new levels of customer value such as faster delivery, higher quality and dependability, deeper personalization, and greater convenience.

“RPA software can be implemented in any facet of an enterprise where manual processes are in place, with most common adaptability into sales, supply chain departments, finance and operations,” said Bhutani. (IANS)

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