Assam: Huge Fire Breaks Out at Dichang Resort, Sonapur

In the wee hours on June 28th, a huge fire and loud explosion occurred at Dichang Resort in Sonapur, Meghalaya, according to sources.
Assam: Huge Fire Breaks Out at Dichang Resort, Sonapur

GUWAHATI: A large fire at the Dichang Resort in Meghalaya's Sonapur started, and loud explosions soon followed on the wee hours of 28th June. Initial reports state that as the enormous flames started to spread across the resort, a number of LPG cylinders exploded inside.

A team from the fire department and other emergency services quickly arrived at the scene and started an effort to put out the flames. As the flames continue to rage, information obtained indicates that the fire department's officers are still having difficulty putting the blaze under control.

The huge fire's source is still unknown at this time. After the fire has been extinguished, a thorough investigation will show what caused the fire to start in the first place. In addition, property damage is estimated to be worth several lakhs since images from the site reveal completely destroyed pandal decorations, presumably for a forthcoming event.

On the other hand, as a fire broke out at a residence on Tuesday, a large fire spread throughout the Nalbari area of Assam.

At the home of well-known businessman Anil Jain, a fire started. The incident took place close to Debiram High School and is thought to have been caused by a cylinder explosion.

The adjacent structures were in grave danger as the fire quickly spread. Thankfully, a well-equipped fire department squad arrived quickly and took charge of the situation. The fire is being put out in an effort to limit further damage.

According to reports that surfaced on Tuesday, a significant fire that started in Maligaon in Guwahati destroyed up to five commercial buildings. Five stores were reportedly destroyed in the fire that started Friday night at Goshala Bazar in Maligaon.

Soon after, a group of firefighters and local police officers arrived on the scene. They fought for a while, but eventually managed to put out the blazing flames.

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