Assam Public Works (APW) To Move To Supreme Court For Reverification of NRC

Assam Public Works (APW) To Move To Supreme Court For Reverification of NRC


GUWAHATI: The Assam Public Works (APW), the original petitioner of the Supreme Court, which led to the updation of the NRC, expressed their dissatisfaction over the final draft and alleged that the entire process is flawed.

Addressing the media on Saturday, APW president Abhijit Sharma said that the organization will again approach the apex court for re-verification of the published NRC, “After the release of the final draft, it is clear that the problem of illegal immigrants will never resolve in Assam. Had it been completed flawlessly, it would have been a golden chapter in Assam history. We submitted a memorandum five times in the Supreme Court, requesting re-verification of the NRC and each time, it was rejected.”

“The State NRC coordinator Prateek Hajela had previously informed in court that about 27 percent of NRC re-verification was completed. No one knows whether or not the clam is a hundred percent true. Moreover, Hajela provided information about only four districts in the State for verification. He never notified about re-verification in any other districts”, said Sharma.

“Further, the software used in the NRC process is also questionable. APW petitioned to evaluate the competence of the software through a third party, which was promptly denied,” Sharma said. “The final draft of the NRC was supposed to save the community which has only shifted further into destruction. Now we have taken a decision to approach the apex court again and request re-verification of NRC. We will also meet the President, the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Chief Minister of Assam over the issue. Further, we demand that an audit is held over the 16 hundred crore spent in the name of NRC.”

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