Foreign currency frauds on the prowl in Guwahati

Residents of Guwahati better stay alert
Foreign currency frauds on the prowl in Guwahati


GUWAHATI: Residents of Guwahati better stay alert, because it has come to light that a racket is active which defrauds gullible people of hard-earned money on the pretext of exchanging Indian rupees for higher amounts of foreign currencies such as dollar, euro, pound, rand etc.

According to a police source, fraudsters involved in this racket first approach an individual who has proximity to a moneyed person. They then offer that individual a profitable deal, such as dollar notes worth Rs 15,000 in exchange for Indian currency worth Rs 10,000. If the individual falls into the trap and innocently involves the better-off friend in the deal, then the fraudsters take a modest amount in Indian currency and pay a higher amount in foreign currency after a gap of a few days. When the amount of money becomes sufficiently large, such as several lakhs of rupees, then the fraudsters show their true colours and decamp with a hefty amount in Indian rupees.

A victim of this racket, whose friend was cheated of Rs 9.5 lakh in this manner, recently filed an FIR at the Paltanbazar Police Station.

According to police sources, the main fraudster had camped at a hotel in the Paltanbazar area and he is believed to be a foreign national.

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