IIFA will Boost Assam Tourism: Jayanta Malla Baruah

IIFA will Boost Assam Tourism: Jayanta Malla Baruah


GUWAHATI: “The budget for IIFA is not yet confirmed; hence the agreement is yet to be done. Organizing IIFA in Assam will be growth spurt in the tourism sector. It will bring us tenfold benefit to the amount that we will spend,” said Jayanta Malla Baruah, while attending the Face to Face programme organized by Dispur Press club on Monday.

The spokesman of BJP, Assam Pradesh Baruah and also the Chairperson of Assam tourism Development Corporation stated that terms and conditions will be there to promote Assam tourism, thus enabling Assam to reach a global market in the tourism sector. He said, “Besides enabling growth tourism sector, IIFA will help Assam stand against the negative campaign spreading around the world about Assam and to prove that Assam is not an unsafe zone.”

Putting his statement on the allegation of spending crores in the name of advertisement and road show, Baruah said, “Our budget for promoting and advertising is only 25 crore, where other states like Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttarakhand spend over 300-500 crore in tourism sector. But we are taking the same mileage with Rajasthan in domestic and world market. So far as spending money in expensive hotels is concerned, tourism is meant to be promoted in such places. Tourism can never be done in footpath, tourism is meant for the rich people. We need tourists who can spend money. We are planning and proceeding in a scientific way. Rather than spending a huge amount in national and international medium, we are targeting platforms like social media. Our plan is to promote and earn more by spending little. So I have no issue if anyone puts allegation, because I know that I am loyal to my duty.”

He further added though necessary, infrastructure is not that important for Assam, because people will visit Assam to see wild life and tea gardens and to play golf, and large buildings are not necessary for that.

Baruah said, “We are not able to promote our resources in a proper manner. We’ve world heritage sites such as the oldest Golf Course of Asia in Jorhat and a total of 22 such golf course in Assam. The tea gardens and golf courses in Assam have possibility in developing the tourism sector. Even visitors from Japan have commented on the possibility that the golf course in Assam is holding.”

Speaking about the much controversial CAB, Baruah said, “Our party has already clarified it that it will enforce the bill. The bill will come with some amendment, and the issue that the bill will allow endless flow of people without having any time frame is totally baseless. There will be a specific time frame, so it is s not that people keep on coming in coming days. Amendments will be there without compromising the individuality of the indigenous.”

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