Upamanyu Hazarika slams Centre over high-level committee

The parliament question of Sambhaji Chatrapati, nominated member to the Rajya Sabha on the status of the Clause 6
Upamanyu Hazarika slams Centre over high-level committee


GUWAHATI: The parliament question of Sambhaji Chatrapati, nominated member to the Rajya Sabha on the status of the Clause 6

implementation committee and the answer given by the Union Home Ministry shows and demonstrates the perpetration of a fraud on the people of Assam on the issue of protecting their identity, said senior advocate and convenor of Prabajan Virodhi Manch, Upamanyu Hazarika.

He said four questions put by Chatrapati, whether the recommendations of the committee have been submitted to the Central government, the nature of the recommendations, the amount of time the government is likely to take to examine the recommendation and the timeline for implementation of the recommendation have been answered with a bland assertion that the report has been submitted to the Assam government who are studying its recommendations.

"In the first place, the committee is constituted by the Central government with specific terms of reference and the report is submitted to the State government which is in breach of the terms of reference. The report is submitted way back in February of this year and it is yet to reach the Central government. This clearly demonstrates that there was never any intention or desire to fulfill not only the electoral promises and Clause 6 of the Assam Accord for protection of indigenous people, it was merely a ploy to divert and distract attention," stated Hazarika in a release. He stressed that it did not require the Central government to constitute a committee of this nature before bringing in CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act), a legislation was brought in immediately to protect foreigners. Whereas for indigenous people who are on their way to becoming a minority under Bangladeshi influx, it is only empty and broken promises, he added.

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