A panel for Clause 6

The BJP-led government at the Centre has done well by constituting a high-level committee on implementation of the vital Clause 6 of the Assam Accord...

Clause 6

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Educational Tour

Students of lower classes remain idle or spend their time going hither and thither during summer and winter vacations. As such, the students of lower primary government schools should be given free tours/ excursions under an eligible teacher so that their summer as well as winter vacation...

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Oh My Lord!

An old debate centering round court etiquette in the country took a new turn on Monday when a full court of the Rajasthan High Court resolved to do away with...


India’s growing water crisis

India is currently caught in serious water crisis. Most parts of the country are facing a severe shortage of water. Rivers and springs are running dry, the...


Assam Accord is relevant

One month short of completion of 34 years of signing, the Assam Accord signed on August 15, 1985 by the Union government with the All Assam Students’ Union and...


Living with floods

The flood situation in Assam has been going from bad to worse with each passing day. Incessant rain in the catchment areas, particularly in Arunachal Pradesh...


Importance of local languages

President Ram Nath Kovind has made a very important observation regarding the use of regional languages in court proceedings. Speaking at the special...