Irresponsible Utterances

To choose ministers for a ministry from amongst the elected M.L.As is the prerogative of the Chief-minister and he has to shoulder the responsibility of the omissions and commissions of his ministers. The Chief-minister, while choosing ministers should exercise utmost caution. In the previous Tarun Gogoi led ministry, some ministers like Nilamoni Sen Deka, Akon Borah, Rajib Lochan Pegu, to me a few, irreparably damaged their departments,  putting  a stigma on the ministry. All these ministers earned notoriety by their corruption. In the present ministry, too, there are some incompetent ministers whose irresponsible utterances on some occasions in public meetings make the people of Assam hang down their heads in shame. One such cabinet minister, who recently was in the news when his secretary (Additiol Chief-Secretary) Ms. T.Y. Das, I.A.S. had to write to the Chief-secretary to post her elsewhere, being uble to bear the bullying attitude of the said minister of irrigation. This time, in a public meeting in Abhayapuri the said minister uttered some obscene words while spewing venom against his former mentor Himanta Biswa Sarmah, Hagrama, Chandan Brahma and Prafulla Kumar Mahanta. We have seen much acrimonious exchange of words among the rival members of parties, but never like the one uttered irresponsibly by Chandan Sarkar. Mr. Sarkar, perhaps did so for winning the favour of the Chief-minister in a show of sycophancy.

Ashok Bordoloi,

Skeletons in the cupboard!

The latest development regarding Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's mysterious death in the year 1945 is bound to raise quite a few eyebrows. Many untold truths under the reign of a particular tiol political party ruling the tion for almost six decades have been exposed. The desperations shown by a spokesman of the Congress party in a talk show in one of the leading news channels recently simply make every genuine Indian believe that Pt. Nehru is not above suspicion. It appears that the then blue eyed boy of the Congress party in his lust for power committed some serious offences against persolities like Netaji and Lal Bahadur Shastri. All the patriotic people of the tion are waiting with bated breath to see all the skeletons in the Congress cupboard getting exposed.

Dr Ashim Chowdhury,
Ambari, Guwahati-1.

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