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Access of Public to Toilet Facilities in Hotels, Restaurants 


The recent decision of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) to direct restaurant and hotel owners to provide access to toilet facilities on their premises is uncalled for, and it is a brazen misuse of power, and totally against being friendly towards businesses. The total failure of the GMC, the GMDA, and Governmental agencies to provide public facilities in Guwahati is for all to see. The honest citizens are paying taxes for facilities that they can never avail of. Even in more crowded and more congested cities like Kolkata and Mumbai there are much better public facilities, be it drinking water, open space, toilets, transportation, etc., many of which are collaborative efforts with agencies like Sulabh. On the other hand, a city like Guwahati, with its natural surroundings, could have done much better, but the babus and the elected representatives are totally unaccountable, and the public here do not raise their voice.

I am truly is an ordinary citizen, and also, not a businessman. But, then I found that a great injustice is done to the hospitality industry in Guwahati by this act of the GMC. Restaurant and hotel owners should take up this issue with the authorities, and if need be, take to legal course.

A Bhuyan,