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An MP's Privilege?

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  25 March 2017 12:00 AM GMT

On Thursday, 23 March 2017, Shiv Se MP of Maharashtra, Ravindra Gaikwad hit a 60-year-old Air India official with his slipper 25 times because his business class seat on a flight could not be provided to him even though he claims to have been in possession of a business class ticket. Passengers are aware of the fact that air tickets are issued by other airline staff, and that a member of the flight crew cannot be held responsible if some idvertent overbooking had taken place resulting in a shortage of accommodation for any passenger. An MP is expected to be far more tolerant of such situations than most other passengers. He is supposed to set an example to his countrymen in patience and tolerance. But how did this VIP passenger react to a possible situation of overbooking over which the flight crew could not have had any control? He took off one of his slippers and hit the unfortute member of the flight crew 25 times and threw him out of the aircraft.
Did the Shiv Se MP evince the slightest bit of remorse at any point for such unpardoble behaviour? He did nothing of the sort. In fact, he exulted in the fact that he was able to hit the unfortute airlines official 25 times with his slipper and to push him out of the aircraft (fortutely when the aircraft was on terra firma). He boasted about what he was able to do to the hapless airlines official instead of being in the least ashamed of his conduct. “I am VIP. I can hit you 25 times,” he said. He also boasted that he had thrown the airlines official out of the aircraft. Air India is to be complimented on having filed two separate FIRs against the arrogant MP. The Minister of Civil Aviation has said that such acts need to be condemned. What is rather surprising (to say the least) is that the arrogant MP should have said that as a BJP MP he could not take such misconduct quietly. What most Indians are happy about is that this MP with fanciful illusions of his princely rights (he is a Gaekwad and hence a member of the former princely order) should have been put on the ‘no fly’ category of Air India. However, we do not regard this as being sufficient punishment for his sins in the world’s largest democracy. What would be regarded as a far more ratiol punishment for his unpardoble and irresponsible behaviour as an MP is for all airlines in India to bar him from flying by any airline in the country for the next six months. It is only such stringent measures that will teach our elected MPs to behave like civilized elected representatives of the people and not like princes in a country that has brought morchy in all its manifestations to an end. The message is quite clear: We must stop imagining that kings and princes still exist in India. The ones that belonged to former royal families must be content to live as citizens now.

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