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APDCL not functioning up to mark at Biswanath Chariali



It is observed that APDCL at Biswanath Chariali is not functioning well. When electricity is not available in a particular area or a consumer’s house for a long time, no personnel from the APDCL comes to the rescue for a long time in spite of complaints raised several times; at times, phone calls are not received at the complaint booth. Some employees do arrive but after one day. Consequently, no water can be lifted by motor and the whole night remains dark; people — particularly the senior citizens and children — suffer a lot. On the whole, the APDCL is casual in providing services to the consumers; it does not bother about the plight of the consumers. Moreover, there is much anomaly in computing reading in the energy bill. The meter-reading casual employee seldom comes to take meter reading. Thus, consumers are much harassed. I would, therefore, like to request the authority concerned to look into the matter seriously.

Putul Sarma,

Biswanath Chariali.


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