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Assam is on the top in crime against women



A report the National Crime Record Bureau reveals that in respect of murder after rape Assam secured the first position among all the states of the country. The record reveals that in 2018 the number of rape-victims killed in Assam was 66, the highest in the country. Madhya Pradesh with the second position had 46 such victims, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 41 victims. Assam could earn yet another notoriety in case of cybercrime against women as it too secured the first position. As many as 295 such cases were reported in Assam, followed by Odisha with 208 such cases. Assam did have yet another distinction of topping the list in respect of sedition cases. Assam is number one as per the report revealed by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB). In Assam, if we view television news, on every day we could find the names of the criminals of the persons with Bangladeshi origin. In Assam, most of the crimes are committed by persons of Bangladeshi origin, be they petty ones or major crimes. Names displayed in the T.V. screen suggest that most of them are Muslims (Bangaladesh origin). Crimes among these people are so deeply rooted that even a special drive to intercept such criminals can yield pretty little, we presume.

Through your esteemed daily, we appeal to the new DGP, Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta to arrest the trend of crimes prevailing among those people, handing out exemplary punishment so that the crim rate in Assam can be brought down substantially.

Ashok   Bordoloi