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ATM Data Theft

Over the years ATM has become an integral part of our lives. Most of the people in India having a bank account use ATM facility. These ATMs have now become an easy target of cyber thieves who install hi-tech gadgets in ATM machines in order to steal ATM Data users’ data to use them to steal huge amounts of money from their accounts. These gadgets are installed in such a way that it becomes difficult for a common man to identify them. Through the use of such hi-tech gadgets many innocent ATM card users have already been looted. This matter should be looked upon with more seriousness by banks and the authorities concerned. Banks should take steps to stop such crimes – (1) Firstly, every ATM should be locked and closed after 10 pm at night up to 7 or 8 in the morning because during this time ATMs and streets become deserted and cyber thieves make use of this opportunity to install gadgets in ATM machines. (2). Secondly, after new currency is filled in an ATM machine it should be checked by a knowledgeable officer of the bank to ensure that no such gadget is installed, because no one can be trusted. Such gadgets may even be installed by employees of such agencies which deposit cash in ATMs. Similar inspection must be made after an ATM is repaired. (3) Thirdly, banks must employ one security guard outside every ATM so that if any suspicious activity takes place inside the ATM he can report it to the respective bank immediately. (4) Fourthly, all the CCTVs should be in working condition because CCTV footage helps a lot. The CCTVs should be active round the clock. The CCTVs should be checked regularly to ascertain whether they are in working condition or not. CCTVs should also be installed outside near ATMs. (5) Lastly, instead of blaming the victim banks should fully cooperate and provide all necessary help. Banks must immediately approach the police along with the victim to register a complaint. Banks must take serious note of this issue.

A Citizen,


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