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Banipur Railway Station

Banipur Railway Station

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 Dec 2015 12:00 AM GMT

Banipur railway station

Before the construction of the Banipur railway station, we had heard that this station would be one of the biggest stations in Asia, after completion of the Bogibeel bridge. But reality speaks otherwise. During the UPA regime, the construction of the station was completed, and it left much to be desired. Our Chief Minister, too, is allergic to Dibrugarh for reasons best known to him. Hence, nobody raised the lacue in the construction of the station. The shades over the platforms are partly made for which people get completely drenched in the rainy season. Is Indian Railways so poor that it cannot afford to complete construction of a noted station flawlessly? It brings ignominy to Dibrugarh. During the UPA regime, the construction of Bogibeel bridge, too, got retarded. Now, with the NDA government’s agility we can find some rays of hope as the construction is in progress. The NDA, too, cannot escape the censure, as it has failed to plug the loopholes by taking steps in completing the works of the shades at the Banipur railway station on a war footing. Roads to the station are in dilapidated condition. We appeal to the Railways to undertake the renovation works of the roads along the main thoroughfares. The UPA might have been sunk in the morass of corruption; the NDA should exemplify by good works without corruption in completing the shades without loss of time. Incidentally, Dibrugarh has the pride of having the second oldest railway station in India. After Mumbai-Thane passenger train, the British introduced Dibrugarh-Ledo passenger train. Nevertheless, due to a devious lobby, the heritage site has been shifted to Tinsukia, depriving Dibrugarh. As the Assam government has failed to set up a police station at Banipur, a good number of RPF should be deployed there, as anti-socials wreak havoc from time to time in the area.

Ashok Bordoloi,


ULFA's recent killing!

The recent killing of innocent people at mrup is highly condemble. I find no proper word to condemn the ULFA for this ghastly killing. Their cowardly acts don't make them heroes and patriots. I don't want to identify the caste, creed and the language of the victims; only know that they were innocent human beings. One should call it a killing of humanity by the ULFA. Mr Paresh Barua, now it is crystal clear that you don't like Assam and the Assamese people in the real sense of the term. The Assamese people at large get hurt by such despicable acts. Your cowardly acts only shamed us in the eyes of everyone. Please introspect to see what constructive role you have played for the benefit of Assam in these 35 years or so? You, your group and some politicians together have pushed Assam and the Assamese society to the brink of disaster. Does anybody have the wherewithal to reconstruct Assam that your group and your ilk have ravaged in the last 35 years? Can we get back those days/years?

Which independent Assam did you talk of? Hiding in jungles and killing innocent people would not earn you an independent Assam. No way! Mr. Barua, can you run a country with some "dhods" with guns. We need work force to work in our fields. Now, who are working in our fields? You could have made Assam, the best and prosperous state in the country, had you tried to infuse in our young generation the work culture, using your clout. Instead, you have taken a wrong path! Please shun violence and give some respite to Assam and the Assamese people. Better late than never!

Prafulla Dowarah,


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