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Being over emotional


This letter has a reference to your editorial column the caption ‘CAA temporary relief’ dated 24th January 2020. I fully endorse the views expressed in the column as being over emotional never pays in any case. We Axomiya people have always been over emotional and in the present circumstances it is no different over the CAA issue. In the past occasions we the Axomiya people have paid heavy price for being overly excited and emotional. While being carried swayed away by the anti-CAA agitations spearheaded by the AASU and the artiste fraternity, which is sub-judice in the honourable Supreme Court, we must also be on guard against some proven anti-Assamese forces like the Leftists, Congress and some newly evolved organizations. The regular jobs of the masses should carry on as it is important that our land, jobs, markets are protected from outsiders. The students’ fraternity should continue with their studies and at the same time be alert in all aspects so that no other forces can gain undue advantage over the anti-CAA sentiments. Before parting I would like to express my displeasure when the students of all the leading universities of the state boycotted their classes on 22nd January (which was a court date against the CAA in Supreme Court). Boycotting classes I guess will not have any impact on the proceedings or rulings of the honourable Court. We all have to be patient and believe in the top court’s judgment.

Dr. Ashim Chowdhury,

Ambari, Guwahati-1.