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BJP’s Membership Drive: De-motivation


At a time when the Prime Minister launched BJP’s enrollment of new members – mission in Benaras and his colleagues do the same exercise in the rest of the country simultaneously – we could see the reverse notion in Assam and the BJP leader who plays the main role in de-motivating the new leaders of other party is the erstwhile Nagaon MP. It’s worth mentioning that the particular MP was denied party ticket for contesting from his usual constituency. Why? The said ex-MP was involved in certain unethical scams. What is more, as we went by the reports both in the print and electronic media, we found that he never sought for votes for the party’s candidate of the Nagaon constituency. Many BJP members are of the opinion that the said MP did enough harm for Nagaon BJP and was instrumental in the defeat of the Nagaon BJP candidate – paving the way for the win of the Congress candidate from Nagaon. Many people even contemplated that the tainted MP would be shown the door by the BJP high command after the election result. Since BJP did not take any punitive step against the tainted ex- MP, he got emboldened and started talking like a spokesperson of the party. In our opinion this tainted ex-MP forfeits his right to pronounce any word relating to the party-policy. When the news went rife that Mariani MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi would join the BJP having been pressed by his supporters in Mariyani, the ex-MP became very much vocal and left no stone unturned to stall his entry into the BJP. Our suggestion to the state BJP authority, the so-called BJP stalwarts who did damage to the party in the last general election should be shown the door, ignoring their veteran status.

Ashok Bordoloi            Dibrugarh