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BMTC’s AC shuttle public bus services


BMTC in Bengaluru has arranged for round the clock AC shuttle public transport bus services from Kempegowda International Airport to different parts of the city. The bus passengers need to travel by bus through purchase of tickets issued by the crew of the bus. However, BMTC needs to find a solution to reduce the usage of paper-based tickets at least on airport bus routes.

As the routes are pre-determined through dedicated bus numbers and designated drop-off points, BMTC can now introduce a smart card/token based ticketing system by integrating with the boarding passes issued to the passengers upon arrival. The tokens can otherwise be reissued for multiple entry travel on airport shuttles, unlike paper-based tickets which are discarded immediately and is neither recyclable.

The move to introduce token-based smart card system with the boarding passes in lieu of paper tickets can further be integrated with other possible modes of public transport in future like Metro train travel and will be of immense benefit to the passengers. Such a mode if successful can be adopted by other public transport companies that run shuttle buses to the airport in other cities like New Delhi, Hyderabad etc.

BMTC in Bengaluru can introduce such a system on selected routes originating only from the Airport by producing boarding pass upon arrival on experimental basis and may also commence pre-paid bus ticket booking system through a dedicated booking counter at the airport for such a purpose. Hence public transport corporations through such an innovative concept can surge towards paper free ticketing system by integrating technology through smart card and boarding passes.

Varun Dambal,