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Commerce Education: Need of the hour

Commerce Education

Introduction of commerce in school (secondary) education is a revolutionary step of the Government of Assam. In fact, the need of the hour in the present scenario of employment is imparting commerce education to the coming generation from the school level. As employment generation is very dismal these days, only self-employment through trade and commerce is the path of remedy. Unemployment leads to various social, economic and political problems, including insurgency. Hence, there is the need of change in the mindset among the upcoming generation by introducing commerce education at the secondary level. Every educated youth should be trained to be a job generator rather than a job seeker. While about 6 per cent of the matriculates enrol in commerce education in our State, the rest go for either humanities or science. It has been observed that a sizeable percentage of humanities and science students remain unemployed. But most of the commerce students do not remain unemployed, because of their attitude towards life. They are well acquainted with concepts of business, accountancy, commerce, management, bookkeeping, e-commerce etc. throughout their career having the self-confidence to do something by themselves. Hence, the introduction of commerce education from the academic session of 2020 is a welcome step. The first batch of teachers of commerce is already trained though most of them are from non-commerce background. Subsequently, there is the possibility that the department recruiting teachers of commerce background. The trainees are very upbeat as they have to play the role of game-changer in the days to come. The trainers of the five-day training held in Gauhati Commerce College from January 6 to 10, 2020 mentored by the resource persons of Gauhati Commerce College and KC Das Commerce College, feel fortunate enough participating from nook and corner of our state.

Prankrishna Goswami

Commerce Trainee

Bongshar, Kamrup