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Cruelty against animals

The recent ban by Nagaland and Mizoram governments on dog trade will hopefully end the cruelty against dogs

Cruelty against animals

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  14 July 2020 4:24 AM GMT

The recent ban by Nagaland and Mizoram governments on dog trade will hopefully end the cruelty against dogs prevalent in these two States where the dogs were hammered to death. The decision is bold in the fact that dog meat is a delicacy in both the States and despite that the two governments took the plunge in the face of clinching evidences of torture and inhuman treatment to dogs produced by animal lovers, including Menaka Gandhi, the most vocal crusader of cruelty against animals.

Despite this ban, cruelty towards animals continues to be rampantly inflicted with impunity in the country, including Assam. The dairy industry is notorious for encouraging extreme cruelty towards cows. The male calves are sent to slaughter houses immediately after birth. The calves are dragged to be butchered while the mother and calf wail inconsolably. Male calves are considered useless by the dairy industry. We request the Assam government to stop, with extreme penalties for violations, the torture on cows by stopping cruel practices like artificial insemination and separation of calves at the time of birth. A provision of keeping cow and calf together at least for three months should be made part of the law so as to let the calf get milk and care.

I request Purabi Dairy of Assam to blaze a trail in compassion towards animals by selling only the milk which is derived from cows without depriving their calves. The inhuman practice of depriving calves of mothers' milk is also widespread amongst farmers who want to boost income by milking cows for maximum milk. This is the reason why vegan diet is devoid of any dairy products.

Other cruelty towards animals is inflicted during transportation. When animals are transported in cramped conditions they become very weak and dehydrated. The slaughter house is another horror where animals are butchered in front of others in the most undignified way. The government can do a lot for animal welfare to promote a compassionate culture in society. In this regard, the observation of the Supreme Court of India can guide us. "Right to dignity and fair treatment is not confined to human beings alone. It applies to animals as well. The right not to be beaten, kicked, overridden, overloading is also a right recognized by Section 11 read with Section 3 of the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animal Act."

Rajib Sarma,

Gandhibasti, Guwahati.

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