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Defeat the Diabolic Design

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 Nov 2017 12:00 AM GMT

Of late, media reports have been pointing to the sinister plot to carve out a greater Bangladesh in Assam by annexing suitable parts of the State to a vast zone already peopled by illegal Bangladeshis, among whom, far more dangerously, there is no deficit of infiltrators indoctrited with an absolutist Islamist ideology that has given shape to some of the most savage terror forms across the world. But such reports have not shocked this newspaper, because since its birth this daily has been harping on the gravity of the threat posed to the very identity and existence of the Assamese society due to the untrammelled and illegal flow of hostile aliens from Bangladesh. There have been countless editorials here pointing to the design of a greater Bangladesh by annexing suitable areas like Karimganj, Hailakandi, Goalpara, Dhubri, Barpeta, Cachar and gaon – in which the Assamese people have now been already reduced to a minority – to present-day Bangladesh, with terror factories like the rogue Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan actively abetting the diabolic design to, what may well be called, script the last chapter of the unfinished agenda of Partition and to avenge Pakistan’s ignominious defeat in the 1971 War of Liberation of East Pakistan which eventually became today’s Bangladesh. Therefore, when there is an awakening of sorts only now as to how the conspiracy to wreak havoc on the sons of the soil in Assam is on a steady march towards fruition – thanks largely to the nefarious politics of vote bank perpetuated by the ‘grand’ old political formation of the country in the me of ‘secularism’ and at the cost of the very integrity of the tion – we simply wonder whether such awakening and some concomitant solid action right when the AGP came to power in 1985 for the first time after a mass movement directed purely against illegal Bangladeshis could have been really instrumental in freeing this beautiful land of ours from the diabolic clutch of a hostile alien population, swelling by the day due to 1) more encouragement to such illegal settlement for petty political gains, 2) rampant polygamy, and 3) lack of political will to take a stand without the fear of one having to be branded ‘un-secular’ just because ‘secularism’ in the parlance of a whole gamut of politicians is synonymous with one being sympathetic to the ‘humanitarian’ cause of illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh who have now begun to maraud even our prized xatra lands, our very symbol of culture and heritage, our very Assamese breath that gives us every right on earth to protect our pristine culture – given a really secular, all-inclusive shape by the spiritual giant Srimanta Sankardeva – and our very ethos that promote unity despite diversity. We must defeat this diabolic design.

BJP MP Ramen Deka was addressing the media the other day and rightly said that Hindus were deserting their homes due to genuine fears of theirs being hounded by a belligerent crowd of infiltrators from Bangladesh; he gave some facts and figures too. These might be startling to anyone not introduced to the reality of Assam vis-à-vis the aggression on the State by illegal Bangladeshis along with their terror cohorts. But these are the facts of life that this newspaper has been pointing to over the last three decades or so, without much gain for a very patriotic cause except a few sane and bold voices here and there – these voices, it must be mentioned, have emated from the influential All Assam Students’ Union or AASU too, its prominent leaders being a vanguard in the cry against the invasion of the State by illegal Bangladeshis – and except some semirs and conferences without the leadership across the political spectrum doing anything worthwhile about the life-and-death issue haunting every son of the soil in the State. Just ponder: In which self-respecting and civilized country do you have a people being left in the lurch to fend for themselves – to protect their very identity, their very existence – just because an illegal, diabolic vote bank (read illegal Bangladeshis) must be pandered to because elections must be won and private coffers must be flooded even at the cost of the very sovereignty of the land, at the very cost of the Constitution of the land? And how it strikes us again as we recall what the Supreme Court had said in 2005 while abrogating the notorious IM(DT) Act, then applicable only in Assam! It had said that the parallel immigration regime was “ultra vires” the Constitution of India – that is, beyond one’s legal power or authority, or, that is, purely unconstitutiol in the Indian scheme of constitutiol things. The apex court had also called the illegal flow of Bangladeshi citizens to Assam an act of exterl aggression. It cannot be anything less than this. But our vote-bank-crazy, ‘secular’ politicians have a larger game plan just because power – corrupting power – rates a far greater priority than even tiol interest, and here we are talking of the interest of a whole people, the greater Assamese society, being very gravely imperilled by the invading army of Bangladeshi infiltrators.

Is there a way out, or has the doomsday already arrived? No, the doomsday has not, and cannot, arrive when we still have the huge mountain of conviction and patriotism in our every single blood drop among a very awakened citizenry, though a small section perhaps but not insignificant in any way, that would help shape a rrative – not just inside air-conditioned semir halls but also across streets in a peaceful, democratic fashion – in order to compel the political dispensation of the day to wake up to the reality of a greater Bangladesh in the making, accept the reality, and take solid action, if required by even having the security forces to assist in the holy and patriotic task of ridding the State of every single illegal Bangladeshi; yes, every single illegal Bangladeshi, legally and by responding to the call of patriotic duty. Its time has come. We must defend ourselves. And no one can stch away this birth right from us the proud Assamese society.

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